Box Lunch (Includes Chips, Cookie and Drink)

Gourmet Sandwiches – $11.50

Chicken/cheese quesadilla
Raspberry spinach wrap
Garlic grilled chicken wrap
Veggie on herb focaccia
Sesame chicken ciabatta
Artichoke Turkey on Panini
Turkey with apple butter on Panini
Roast Beef on Herb Focaccia

Deli Sandwiches – $10.00

Choose your meat / main:
Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Roast beef, Chicken Salad or Veggie

Then your bread:
Whole wheat or wrap (wheat, tomato basil)

and your favorite cheese:
Provolone, Swiss, Cheddar

Finally, dress it up a little!
Tomatoes, Greens, Cucumber, Onion

Salad for Lunch (as a Gourmet Box Lunch)
Garden Salad: with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Season croutons, Choice of Dressing – $11.50

Greek Salad: “Garden” with Feta Cheese, Onion, and Vidalia Onion dressing – $11.50

Chicken Almond Salad: grilled Chicken, Almonds, and a Rasberry Vinaigrette – $12.00

Chicken Ceasar: Think “Ceasar”, with fresh greens and grilled chicken! – $12.00

Chicken Cherry Blue Salad: dried cherries, cranberries, blue cheese, grilled chicken – $12.00

all accented with a Rasberry Vinegarette


Coffee, Airport – $13.00
Pitcher of Iced Tea – $22.00
Fruit Tray – $25.00
Hummus (2lb.) – $12.00
Large Garden Salad – $25.00
Vegetable Dip – $6.00
Mixed Vegetables, snack – $15.00

Breakfast and Bites

Cinnamon Roll, small – $0.75
Cinnamon Roll, large – $2.95
Breakfast burrito – $3.65
Bagel (Blueberry, Cinnamon, Everything); cream cheese – $2.50
Scone, small – $1.10
Breakfast dots – $0.90

Desserts and Treats

Cake (serves 12) Chocolate, Carrot, Coconut, Cheesecake) – $30.00
Biscotti – $1.35
Lemon Dessert Bar, Café – $2.50
Lemon Dessert Bar, small – $1.25
Brownies – $0.75
Cookie (Regular) – $1.25

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